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welcome to 60th TPA convention!​

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Chairman's words

Dear friends who care about the development of psychology:

The epidemic is hard! The online annual meeting of the Taiwan Psychological Society is about to kick off. The organizer, the Department of Psychological Counseling, National Taipei University of Education, has inherited the enthusiasm of Taiwanese psychologists for research and promotion, and has planned an eye-catching agenda for the Psychological Society.


This comprehensive online annual meeting has eliminated the obstacles of spatial distance, allowing us to exchange new knowledge of psychology in a more effective and positive way. We welcome everyone to contribute and participate in the annual meeting. I would also like to thank the organizers for their great thoughts during the epidemic. Efforts to wager for the annual meeting.

​President of Taiwan Psychological Society

Professor Wang Manying, Department of Psychology, Soochow University


​Words from the head of the Department of Heart Counseling of Guobei Education

To the advanced and compatriots in the field of psychology Hello everyone:  

Thank you very much for letting us host the academic seminar part of this annual meeting. On behalf of all the teachers and students of the Great Heart Counseling Department of Guobei Education, I sincerely welcome you to participate in this online gathering.  

Taiwan is experiencing the catastrophe of the epidemic. I hope everyone is well! Also because of this catastrophe, and in order to ensure everyone's safety, this year's Psychology Annual Conference, we resolutely changed it to an online (intangible) conference format. This is a difficult challenge, but also a future trend. Although we can only meet online, we believe that our friendship will not diminish. This new challenge urgently needs the support of all advanced people. I hope that everyone is willing to take risks with us, and let our cherished "Psychological Society" create a new possibility.  

  and this year's theme is "Going to 60 Years: Research on Addiction ˙Research on Addiction", in addition to representing the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Psychological Society, "addiction" can be a pathological symptom, but also It can be a psychological habit, "addiction" can be indulgent stubbornness, or it can be positive. In this online meeting, we can talk about how to "addict" and how to "get rid of addiction". Psychology has always been a subject that can bring people happiness, and the theme of this annual meeting is "addiction", which is to hope that all kinds of psychology studies will have the opportunity to show their research results that can bring happiness to human beings, so that Everyone can still get over the “addiction” of research through distance. During the meeting, we will also invite experts from various disciplines to hold a forum meeting, so that everyone can share the "addiction of research" in their academic career, and also for the Psychological Society for 60 years, in the invisible long-distance connection, create the next chapter. Memorial image.  

Sincerely invite you, from October 16th to 17th, 2021, come to "Going Addiction" and "Psychological Research Addiction"!


National Taipei University of Education, Department of Psychology and Counseling 

Department Chair Sun Songxian invites  

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