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Donation purpose

For the purpose of conducting academic promotion activities of psychology by the Taiwan Psychological Society

Professor Su Xiangyu's Psychology Dissertation Award

Single free donation

After receiving your donation, we will issue a receipt to you according to the amount you are willing to donate.

​ Credit card regular fixed amount donation

We will debit your credit card regularly according to the amount you specify.
Continue to deduct until you voluntarily inform you to stop donating.
For each donation, you will receive an email notification and receipt indicating that the donation was successful.
If you need to change or cancel your scheduled donation, you can contact us at


  • According to the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior, the Association currently only accepts donations from valid members. If you are not a valid member, please join the membership first and then donate.

  • Due to the need to collect the personal information of the donor (such as ID number, address, etc.) for donations, the Association will not use the collected personal information for purposes other than receipts and donation credit lists. If you have any concerns about the use of personal data, you are welcome to write to the Association ( ).

Donation full gift (limited, while stocks last)

  • A single donation of 6,000 yuan will give a Chinese 60th book and a thermos bottle for the 60th anniversary. 12,000 two and two, and so on.

  • Those who donate regularly up to 6,000 yuan a year will receive a 60th China Special Book and a 60th Anniversary Thermos Bottle. 12,000 for two and two. And so on.

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