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Society Lifetime Achievement
Contribution Award

​ The 53-2 member meeting authorized the meeting of directors and supervisors to set this award, and the meeting of 53-8 directors and supervisors approved this method.

Article 1 Purpose

​Taiwan Psychological Society (hereinafter referred to as the Society), in order to commend the role models who have made outstanding contributions to the Taiwanese psychology community and are worthy of imitation according to.


Article 2 Candidacy

1. Be a member of the Association.

2. Engaged in psychological academic research or practical work for more than 25 years (inclusive), with outstanding contributions.

3. Those who have not received this award.

The third method of recommendation

Recommenders must fill in the recommendation form provided by the Association, specifying the outstanding contribution deeds of the recommenders, and be jointly recommended by five (inclusive) members of the current session of the Board of Supervisors or ten (inclusive) valid ordinary members. become a candidate.


Article 4 Review Methods

The recommendation form will be reviewed by the board of directors and supervisors of the association, and only after more than half of the board members and supervisors attend the meeting, and more than 2/3 (inclusive) of the attending members vote to agree, they will be elected as winners.


Article 5 Awards and commendation methods

1. An award ceremony will be held at the annual academic conference of the Association, and a commendation medal will be awarded by the Association.

2. When necessary, award winners may be invited to give keynote speeches at the annual academic conference, and their outstanding contributions and keynote speeches will be announced on the official website of the Association.

Article 6 These Measures shall be implemented after being passed by the Council, and the same shall apply to amendments.

【Application Deadline】

Applicants should prepare the recommendation form and send it electronically to

Applications are now open until June 10, 2024.


[Note] If you have any questions, please contact: Society Secretariat E-mail:

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