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Regulations for the Implementation of
the Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant

On August 2, 2023, the 2nd resolution of the management committee of 112 was revised and passed


In order to promote the research of indigenous psychology among Chinese people and reward research that reflects the characteristics of Chinese culture or social context, six "Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grants" will be awarded annually to students (including undergraduate and graduate students) who present papers at the psychological annual conference that demonstrate the spirit of indigenous Chinese psychology. Each grant recipient will receive 5,000 yuan and a certificate of award.

Implementation Regulations:

Announcements for applications will be made concurrently with the call for paper abstracts for the Taiwanese Psychological Association (TPA) Annual Conference every year, inviting students to apply.


Students from various universities and colleges who physically participate in the oral presentation of a paper at the current year's TPA Annual Conference are eligible to apply. Applicants should submit a lengthy abstract of approximately 2,000 words, outlining the research motivation, research objectives, research methods, research findings, comprehensive discussions, and contributions of their paper.

Application Deadline:

The submission deadline for the travel grant application is the same as that for the TPA annual conference abstract submission in the current year.

Principles of Award Evaluation:

Preference will be given to research papers reflecting Chinese culture or social context characteristics. After review and approval by the Management Committee, each awardee will receive a "Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant" of 5,000 NT dollars and a certificate of the travel grant. There will be a total of six awardees, and the awards will be presented publicly at the TPA Annual Conference each year (in case of insufficient awardees, alternative methods of awarding may be considered).

Required Documents:

  1. Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant Application Form

  2. Recommendation letter from the supervising professor


Applicants should prepare the above-mentioned documents and send them in electronic format to the Secretariat of the Taiwanese Psychological Association at E-mail: before the application deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat of the Taiwanese Psychological Association at E-mail:

Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant Implementation Measures (.pdf)

Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant Application Form (.docx)

Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant Application Form (.odt)

Yang Kuo-Shu Travel Grant Application Form (.pdf)

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