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113 Professor Su Xiangyu Psychology Dissertation Award Selection Method

【1. Eligibility for selection】

  • Psychology-related research institutes of domestic universities and colleges should officially complete the master's and doctoral dissertations within one year before the application deadline.

  • Applicants recommended by the department, please prepare the review materials and submit them to the departments for compilation. After confirmation by the departments, they will be sent to the society's e-mail box before 2024/7/31. Note: Please do not submit in your own name.

【2. Number of Awards】

  • The number of awards for Su Xiangyu psychology dissertation award is generally set at one to three for doctoral dissertations, two to five for master's thesis, and several honorable mentions for outstanding doctoral and master's theses.


【3. Thesis grouping】

Paper selection is divided into two groups: A and B:

【Group A】Educational psychology, experimental psychology, physiological psychology, developmental psychology (cognitive aspect), cognitive psychology, psychometrics, etc.

【Group B】Personality psychology, social psychology, business psychology, developmental psychology (personality), clinical and counseling psychology, etc.


【4. The Method Recommended by the Department】

Three (inclusive) master's and doctoral dissertations are recommended by each department. Any one of the groups recommends at most two papers and decides the group of the thesis application at the time of the recommendation.


【5. Review documents】

Note: Please send all the above documents electronically to through the department.


【6. Application Restrictions】

It is not allowed to apply for other thesis awards of the Association repeatedly.

【7. Deadline for application】

Applicants should prepare the above documents from now until July 31, 2024.

Note: Please send all the above documents electronically to through the department.


【8. Remarks】If you have any questions, please contact: Society Secretariat E-mail:

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