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Student Group Regulations

Amended and approved by the General Assembly on March 11, 2020

Chapter 1     General Provisions

Chapter 2     Mission

Chapter 3     Members

Chapter 4     Meetings

Chapter 5     Funds

Chapter 6     Supplementary Provisions


Chapter 1: General Provisions

  • Article 1: In order to promote the active involvement of student members in the affairs of the Taiwan Psychological Association, facilitate the academic development and career planning of student members, and enhance student members' identification with the association, the "Taiwan Psychological Association Student Development Group" is established, and the "Taiwan Psychological Association Student Development Group Regulations" are formulated.

  • Article 2: This group operates independently but must comply with the decisions of the association's general assembly and board of directors' meetings and receive guidance from the secretariat.

Chapter 2: Mission

  • Article 3: The mission of this group includes the following:

  1. Assisting in the execution of relevant association affairs.

  2. Assisting in representing the opinions of student members concerning the association.

  3. Enhancing and safeguarding the rights and interests of student members.

  4. Assisting in the development of exchanges between students of domestic and foreign universities' psychology departments or similar departments and the association.

Chapter 3: Members

  • Article 4: This group shall have five student committee members, who must be members of the association. Their term of office is limited to two years and is renewable. They automatically withdraw from this group upon losing their student status.

  • Article 5: The method for selecting members of this group involves open recruitment of student members of the association and students from domestic psychology-related departments by the secretariat. The selection is made after review and screening by the secretariat.

  • Article 6: This group shall appoint one convener, whose term is one year and may be reelected once. The convener serves as the representative of this group, represents this group externally, and leads the student committee members in promoting their activities. The election method involves mutual recommendation by the student committee members.

  • Article 7: The rights and interests of student committee members include:

  1. Being effective student members of the association, with a refund of the student membership fee and exemption from paying the annual fee during their term.

  2. Free participation in events organized by the association.

Chapter 4: Meetings

  • Article 8: The convener shall convene regular meetings to carry out the tasks of this group. The meetings can be held in physical or online communication formats.

  • Article 9: Association members may be invited to attend group meetings.

Chapter 5: Funds

  • Article 10: The funds of this group shall be supported and managed by the secretariat.

Chapter 6: Supplementary Provisions

  • Article 11: These regulations may be discussed, amended, and decided upon by the joint meeting of the association's board of directors.

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