Chinese Journal of Psychology (CJP)

Formerly Study Report of Department of Psychology, College of Science, National Taiwan University, and Chinese Journal of Psychology is founded in 1958 and renamed in 1973. Chinese Journal of Psychology invites contributions and publishes throughout the year on a regularly basis. Changed from a semi-yearly to quarterly in 2003, it publishes four quarterlies in a year and specials from time to time. All published papers conform to the format and requirements of American Psychological Association. As a leading psychology journal in Taiwan, Chinese Journal of Psychology publishes psychology papers through rigorous and fair review procedures and authoritative Editorial Board. As of today, Chinese Journal of Psychology has published 50 journals and has awarded outstanding domestic journals and granted journal awards. In 2000, it started to establish Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI), which has been included in the list of journals from the first edition to date; meanwhile, it also includes domestic and international large database, including Academic Citation Index (ACI), PsycINFO, and EBSCO.


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