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About Us

Taiwanese Psychological Association (TPA) was founded in 1961 with its headquarter in Taipei, It is the oldest academic association in the domestic psychology community in history. Upholding the objective of research on psychology, Taiwanese Psychological Association engages in the research, data collection, and publication of psychology books and periodicals, communication with domestic and foreign psychology institutions, and other related matters. Taiwanese Psychological Association connects to all organizations of academic or social importance for psychologists in Taiwan.

In year 2017, Taiwanese Psychological Association(TPA) has formally become a National Member of the International Union of Psychological Science, IUPsyS, hoping that this step forward would help promote more co-operations and communications regionally and internationally.

Taiwanese Psychological Association is organized by 11 divisions, including 6 psychology study groups which are Clinic Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social and Personality Psychology, and Experimental and Cognitive Psychology, to promote more exchange among members with similar fields; 3 committees which are Public Affairs Committee, International Exchange Committee, and Ethics Committee for specific projects; and Chinese Journal of Psychology, which publishes psychological journals quarterly; and the Secretariat engages in administrative affairs and activity planning. 

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