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Exploring the Boundaries of the Mind:

Collaboration Between Mental Operation and Artificial Intelligence

1. Theme for paper submissions:

As technology rapidly evolves, artificial intelligence is swiftly sweeping across the globe, ushering in a new wave of innovation. The primary focus of AI research is on using computer systems and programs to simulate human cognition in order to solve a wide range of problems. Psychology and AI are deeply interconnected; by studying the human mind, we can advance AI development, while neural networks can be applied to understand human cognitive processes and developmental mechanisms. As humanity continues to explore, AI has also entered a new era. Its various applications are permeating every aspect of life, transforming our habits and work methods, and bringing unprecedented innovations across different fields.


The 63rd Taiwan Psychology Annual Conference’s theme, "Exploring the Boundaries of the Mind: Collaboration Between Mental Operation and Artificial Intelligence," highlights the impact and practical application of psychological knowledge and AI in everyday life. Through keynote speeches, oral discussions, and poster presentations, we aim to showcase psychologists' engagement with societal changes and foresee the complementary relationship and future trends of AI and mental operation.


We look forward to your participation in this year's event as we explore the limitless possibilities of the mental and technology together.


2. Target Audience for Submissions:

Experts, professors, graduate students, undergraduate students, and anyone interested in psychological topics from domestic and international fields related to psychology and other relevant disciplines.

3. Implementation Methods: 
Symposium, oral presentations and poster presentations 

4. Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: August 23, 2024 (Friday).

  • Review Results: September 2, 2024 (Monday).

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: September 27, 2024 (Friday).

  • Registration Deadline: October 4, 2024 (Friday).

  • Conference Dates: October 26-27, 2024 (Saturday, Sunday).

5. Location:

Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University (No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 10617, Taiwan)

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