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2021 TPA conference research symposia open for free

This year TPA arranged several symposia of multiple areas of psychology, focusing on the current issues and future orientations. These symposia will be open to anyone interested for free. The online link for each symposium is below. Most of the symposia will be presented by Chinese. You can clink the topic link to access the symposium and share the short links as you like. The details of each symposia is here.

Time: Oct. 17 13:00~14:30

1. Cognitive Psychology: Co-learning and the training of working memory

2. Psychometrics Toward a more mature psychometrics professionals: opportunities and challenges

3. Developmental Psychology The research and practice of developmental psychology

4. IO Psychology The leadership and efficiency of organizations

5. Social and Personality Psychology The interpersonal relationship 2.0: emotion, conflicts and power

6. Biological Psychology The neural mechanism of memory

7. Educational Psychology Teaching, Evaluation and Counseling during the pandemic

8. Clinical Psychology The research of addition with the help of technology




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