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  1. ​The conference accepts oral presentations, posters, and symposiums. The organizer of a symposium should collect presenters' abstract in one file and submit. Submitting separately by each presenter in a symposium is not allowed.

  2. The oral presentations and symposiums will be presented via prerecording videos. Presenters are required to upload the videos, log in the online conference room on the assigned session, and answer the question from audiences. Detailed SOP will be announced later. Posters will be presented on our poster forum. Please see rule of posters for further information.

  3. ​The max. limit of papers is TWO for every presenter. 

  4. Font size:
    Title: 14; Author's name, affiliation and content
    : 12

  5. Font:
    Use Times New Roman in English or  PMingLiU(新細明體) in Chinese

  6. Border:
    Standard border in Word

  7. Content:
    The abstract should include the title, authors (using * to indicate the presenter's name), email of presenters, affiliations, content, and keywords. The content should include the research background, the research goal, methods, results, and conclusions. Please include your keywords in the content to emphasize your research topic. There should be no more than 5 keywords.

  8. Other requirement:
    Single space. Please write in English or Chinese. The abstract should be within 500 words.

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