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Online Meeting

This year, the TPA conference are held online and at Academia Sinica on the same time. The online platform is Microsoft Teams. All registered participants are allowed to access the online conference by their email account. 

Instruction of Teams (Chinese version)
Instruction of Teams (English version)

Upload Posters

Posters of 2020 TPA are presented online. Please carefully read the following rules.

  1. ​The size of a poster should be 120 cm width and 67.5 height, which will be easily viewed on most screens. Please convert your poster to a PDF file.

  2. Please see the image below for the recommendation of the content of a poster. The language of a poster must be Chinese or English. 

  3. The presenter of a poster must submit the abstract first. After the abstract is accepted, the presenter should register and pay before posting his/her poster.

  4. Before you post it, please register on the TPA forum. Your registered email will be checked if you are registered for the conference.

  5. Please post your poster on the corresponding forum section between Sep. 15 to Oct. 11.

  6. For a detailed instruction of posting your poster, please see the English instruction file. 

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