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A. Proposal categories:

  1. Proposal of subject areas (Oral Presentation): Submit your proposal in the prescribed format (see below), and specify its subject areas. If the oral presentation proposal is not accepted, you can choose to re-submit it to poster presentation.

  2. Independent paper (Poster): Submit your proposal in the prescribed format (see below), and specify its subject areas. Poster Size: length 120cm, width 90cm

  3. Symposium: You may organize 3-5 proposals into a symposium. This proposal needs to be organized all abstracts into one file. Please do not submit separately.

B. Abstract submission

  1. Format
    (1) Font: Title size: 14, bold; name size: 12, bold; body size: 12.
    (2) Font shape:
        (a) English font: Times New Roman, using half-shaped punctuation;
        (b) Chinese font type: PMingLiU, fullwidth form.
    (3) Border: Left: (including gutter) 3 cm, right 2.5 cm, upper edge 3 cm, bottom edge 3.5 cm.
    (4) Content: The content should cover the title, authors, affiliation, context (the research background and purposes, method, results, and conclusions). Use as many keywords as possible to highlight the theme of the paper.
    (5) Other regulations: single space, 500 words maximum, and the corresponding author’s name is marked with *. 
    (6) If the submitted proposal is a summary or theoretical article, please choose the appropriate format, and provide sufficient information.

  2. Contact:

Abstract format (Chinese)

Thesis title: Social Responsibility of Psychologists

Author One 1*   Author Two 2

1 School and department of the first author  2 School and department of the second author


Abstract format (English)

Title: Social Responsibilities of Psychologists

    First Author1          Second Author2     Third Author3*

1 Affiliation              2 Affilication            3 Affiliation

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