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Accommodation Information in Hsinchu City Inquiry:

Accommodations Closer to Xuanzang University: 

1. Lakeshore Hotel Hsinchu (8-10 minutes by car):

2. Sun-View Motel (8-10 minutes by car):

3. Golden Motel (8-10 minutes by car):

4. VAHO Motel (10-12 minutes by car):

5. The Classic Motel of Madrid (6-8 minutes by car):

6. Yun Lai Building in Xuan Chuang University (Located on campus): (11 rooms available with 4 beds each, cost NT$2,736/room. To make a reservation, please email:, subject: Psychology Conference Yun Lai Building Reservation. Provide details: guest name, contact number, accommodation dates, number of guests (1-4), billing details including tax ID if needed for "venue cleaning fee" request. Students given priority) (There are still available rooms on 10/20, but all rooms are full on 10/21).

Transportation Reference from Accommodation to Venue: 

Taiwan Taxi                                     Phone: Mobile: 55688, Landline: 058-8888

First Zhong Hua Satellite Taxi      Phone: 03-5516000

Metro Taxi Co., LTD.                     Phone: Mobile: 55178, Landline: 03-6204000

Hong Shuai Taxi Service               Phone: 03-5713333

​The Venue Address: Library and Information Building at Hsuan Chuang University, No. 48, Xuanzang Rd, Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City

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