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Special Submission Topic of TPA60

TPA60 Issues
It has been 60 years since the establishment of the Taiwanese Psychological Association. On March 12, 2022, the "Prospective Forum" co-organized by the Department of Applied Psychology of Hsuan Chuang University raised three topics: "Respects Different Ideas and Works Together" , "Social Responsibility of Taiwanese Psychology" and "The Development of Taiwanese Psychology in the Next Ten Years" , and invited well-known scholars from across generations to share these three issues with the audience and discuss with the advanced and younger generation of Taiwanese psychology who participated online, conducted cross-generational dialogues and discussions, trying to stir up more sound development issues and directions for the next 60 years of Taiwanese psychology.

Therefore, We encourages (but is not limited to) the topics condensed on March 12th [Sixtieth Anniversary Prospective Forum of the Taiwanese Psychological Association] especially in the subject areas of discussion collected by this year's conference:

  1. The relationship between work from home (WFH) and organizational management and mental health.

  2. Aging issues in the workplace: age discrimination in the workplace, friendly working environment for employees who take care of the elderly, etc.

  3. Psychologists out of the ivory tower: Pros and cons of engaging with the public media, mental health promotion practices in the community.

  4. Cultivation of talents in basic psychology: Re-thinking of university education in psychology.

  5. Cross-domain dialogue and collaboration in psychology.

It is hoped that all scholars in the next 60 years of Taiwanese psychology will publish relevant research on these issues at the "2022 Taiwan Psychological Annual Conference", and help the Taiwanese psychology to gather the vitality and motivation for the next 60 years .

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