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Annual Meeting FAQ

Q1: What is the size of the poster? Don't have to print it out?
A1: The poster is a 16:9 rectangle, the actual size is 67.5cm high and 120cm wide. This time the poster does not need to be printed out, just make it into a PDF file. For details, please refer to the poster regulations.

Q2: Why do posters still need reporters?
A2: In addition to uploading to the forum, the reporter should also record a brief explanation for 3 to 5 minutes, and answer the questions in the message. Even if it is online, I hope everyone can communicate well.

Q3: If I want to submit a poster, should I submit the abstract or the poster itself?
A3: Please submit your abstract to the submission system first. After the review is passed, the poster will be opened on 9/15.

Q4: How long can an oral report last?
A4: The oral presentation is limited to 12-15 minutes. Usually, 5 presentations will be arranged in 90 minutes for each session. If you participate in the symposium, the number of articles may be larger. Please contact the organizer of the symposium for available time.

Q5: Do I need to give you a PPT for the oral report?
A5: Oral reports can be published on-site (Academia Sinica) or through online Live. There is no need to file for the conference first.

Q6: Can there be several presenters for an oral presentation?
A6: I don't mind, but the time for each report is the same, and the time will not increase because of the crowd.

Q7: There are several reporters in an article, do I have to complete the registration and payment before 9/25?
A7: Only one reporter for each article can complete the registration and payment within the deadline. The conference only needs to make sure that someone will actually report on this article.

Q8: Can I still submit papers?
A8: It can be done before 8/24.

Q9: Can I specify a time period for oral presentations?
A9: Due to the limited time period, the time period cannot be specified.

Q10: What language can I report in?
A10: Both Chinese and English are acceptable. This time, Japanese scholars and students will also participate. We welcome you to communicate more.

Q11: How do I pay and register
A11: Please see the official website 

Q12: Can I pay by card?
A12: Yes, and credit card rewards.

Q13: Which one is easier to post, oral or poster?
A13: It’s hard to say, research that meets the regulations and has content will be on it.

Q14:  Where will this year's annual meeting be held?

A14:  is on the Internet, so you can participate at home and save on transportation and accommodation costs, which is great.

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