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Open and Reproducible Science SIG 2024 Spring Talks

Updated: Mar 6

With the world facing an environmental crisis, scientists have a responsibility to consider the environmental costs of the work that they do. Open science practices present an opportunity to increase the sustainability of science but also have some potential downsides.

In this talk, Dr. Duncan will outline some of the challenges that we face along with the role that open science can have in meeting them. In particular, Dr. Duncan will focus on neuroimaging research, discussing its costs and particular open science tools being developed to help increase sustainability. With these examples, this talk will illustrate some principles that can be applicable to other research areas.

If you're interested in open science and the sustainability of research work, you definitely can't miss this exciting lecture!

【Event Details】

Topic: Open Science and Sustainability

Date: March 8, 2024 (Friday) 17:30 - 19:30 (Registration opens at 17:15)

Location: Room 6204, Xing-Chun Building, Xinyi Campus, Taipei Medical University (Simultaneous online live streaming via Google Meet)

Speaker: Dr. Niall Duncan, Associate Professor, Institute of Mind and Brain Science, Taipei Medical University

Fee: Free of charge

TMU Campus Map:



Registration Period: From now until March 8 (Friday) before the event

Organizers: Taiwanese Psychological Association - Open and Reproducible Psychological Science SIG, ReproducibiliTea Taipei

This event is supported by National Science and Technology Council.

Contact us:

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