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Invitation to attend the 2023 Member Assembly

The annual member meeting will be held in person on the second day of the conference (10/22). In order to reach the legally required quorum (half of the total members), we urgently need your participation and cordially invite all members to make time to attend!

* Meeting Time: October 22 (Sunday) from 12:00 to 13:15

* Meeting Venue: Tzu Yun Hall, 1st floor, Xuanzang University Library and Information Building


  1. Please fill out the attendance form by October 18 (Wednesday) to facilitate the compilation of the number of attendees.

  2. Members who cannot attend may fill out a proxy form (with an electronic signature) to appoint another member to attend on their behalf. Please return the electronic proxy form by 10/18 (Wednesday) to our email address: If electronic submission is not possible, you can also print and fill out the paper proxy form and send it to the association by 10/19 (Thursday): 10617, No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Da'an District, Taipei City, South Building S208, Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University.

  3. Each member can appoint only one other member as a proxy. (Note: The proxy form is attached to this email.)

  4. According to Article 7 of our association's bylaws, members have the right to speak, vote, and propose motions (with the endorsement of five members).

  5. Our association's bylaws:

  6. Student members are informal members and do not need to attend this meeting.

  7. Meeting agenda:





President's Speech


Agenda for the Members Assembly:

  1. 2023 Affairs Report and 2024 Work Plan Report

  2. 2022 Income and Expenditure Statement, and 2024 Budget Statement

  3. Student Development Team Report

  4. Journal Work Report

  5. Proposals/Ad Hoc Resolutions



Welcome to participate in the afternoon session of the annual meeting and the Research Achievement activities.

The actual time is based on the conference time of the day.

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