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  • Notice:

1. If you take Taiwan High-Speed rail, please get off at Zuoying Station.  You can take a taxi outside Exit 5. To take the MRT or bus, please exit by Exit 2 and go down by the escalator. The bus stop will be on your right, and the MRT station will be in front of you.

2. If you take a train, please get off at Kaohsiung Main Station and head to Exit 2. Outside Exit 2 is a taxi stop, and the bus stop A would be on your right by a 400-mile walk.

3. If you take MRT, please get off at Houyi Station and exit by Exit 2. The bus stop will on the right. Or you can turn left and take a 10-min walk to Kaohsiung Medical University.

4. To use public transportation in Kaohsiung, having an EasyCard or iPASS is recommended. The prices of MRT will be cheaper if you use an EasyCard or iPASS. You can buy both of them in convenient stores. 

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