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Step of Registration and Submission

Step 1


  • Deadline: 2020/08/24

  • We'll inform you the result in a week.

  • If you don't need to submit, please go to Step 2.

Submission end

Step 2


  • Get early bird price before 9/17.

  • Presenters must register before 9/25 to arrange your presentation into the conference program.

To register

Step 3


  • JPA members: NT$750 (Student) /NT$1500 (Faculty)

  •  Early bird for non-JPA members: NT$1000 (Student) /NT$2000 (Faculty)

  • ​Regular for non-JPA members: NT$2000 (Student) /NT$3000 (Faculty)

  • ​​We accept foreign credit cards. 

Step 4


  • Members of TPA and oral presenters can attend a real-world conference at Academia Sinica, Taipei

  • Online conference will be held at Microsoft Teams software. You will receive an invitation letter by email.

  • Posters are in our website forum. Welcome to ask questions and inspire each other. 

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