FAQ of TPA conference

Q1: Size of poster? Should I print my own poster?
A1: The maximum size of a poster is 150 cm height and 90 cm width. You need to print and carry your own poster to the conference.
Q2: Why is a presenter required for a poster?
A2: We expect more communication in our conference. Therefore, we need you to stand by your own poster and explain your research, answering questions. Your poster will be assigned to one of two days' poster session. A detailed program  is announced on our website.
Q3: How long can I present my work in oral?
A3: Time for a oral presentation is 12~15 mins maximum. Each session is 90-min long. Usually, there are 5 oral presentations in one session. A symposium may contains more than 5 presentations. Please contact your symposium organizer.
Q4: My friend want to come by and see my poster. Can he just walk in?
A4: Only those registered and paid are allowed to enter the conference site. It depends on the worth of your friendship.
Q5: I submitted a research, can I register and pay on the conference day?
A5: The presenter of each research must register and pay before Oct. 15th. By doing that, your research will be guaranteed on the conference formal program. 
Q6: Is it possible that multiple presenters to present one research?
A6: I don't mind. But the time for each presentation will not change by the quantity of presenters. 
Q7: If there are multiple presenters in our research, should all of us complete registration and payment?

A7: Only one presenter is required to register and pay before Oct. 15. We only want to make sure someone will present the work. 
Q8: Can I submit my work now?
A8: No.
Q9: When do I present?
A9: The detailed program is announced on our website.
Q10: Can I change my session of the presentation?
A10: We already arrange the program to fulfill participants who inform us early. It's much harder to change after we announce the detailed program. We recommend you to follow our program. If you're not able to do it, please email us ASAP.

Q11: What language can I use?
A11: We welcome presenting by Chinese and English. There are several Japanese scholars and students participating this year. We wish you can interact with different people and give them warm welcome. 
Q12: How do I register and pay?
A12: Please go to the registration page.
Q13: Can I pay by credit card?
A13: Sure! We accept foreign credit cards.


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