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Articles of Association of the "Professor Yang Guoshu Fund Management Committee" of the Taiwan Psychological Society

Revised and adopted at the 5th meeting of the 49th Board of Directors and Supervisors on May 28, 2012

Revised and approved at the 3rd meeting of the 51st Board of Directors and Supervisors on June 22, 2015

Revised and approved at the 5th meeting of the 53rd Board of Directors and Supervisors on November 3, 2019

Chapter 1 Purpose

Article 1: The Taiwan Psychological Society, in order to carry forward Professor Yang Guoshu's will to promote the research of Chinese local psychology, established the "Professor Yang Guoshu Fund" (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) on the occasion of Professor Yang's 80th birthday, and set up a committee to manage it.

Chapter II Organization

Article 2: The fund management committee shall have five to seven members, who shall be elected by the Taiwan Psychological Society's joint meeting of directors and supervisors who are enthusiastic to promote local Chinese psychology.


Article 3: The Fund Management Committee shall have one chairman, who shall be elected by the members.


Article 4: The term of office of the members and chairman of the Fund Management Committee is two years.


Chapter 3 Source, Custody and Utilization of Funds

Article 5: This fund was originally set up by the "Psychological Rehabilitation Fund for the Disabled", which was initiated and raised by Professor Yang Guoshu. .

Article 6: The Fund shall be kept by the Taiwan Psychological Society by opening a special deposit account, and the Management Committee may encourage fundraising to expand it according to actual needs.


Article 7: The use of this fund is to establish the "Professor Yang Guoshu Chinese Native Psychology Research Paper Award" and to support related activities of native psychology.

Article 8: Amendments to the Articles of Association must be resolved by the Joint Meeting of Directors and Supervisors of the Taiwan Psychological Society.

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