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On July 1, 109, the first meeting of the Japanese Committee in 109 passed


  1. Professor Yang Guoshu Foundation Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) has specified the main points of this assignment in order to promote the academic development of local psychology.

  2. Subsidy programs: academic study camps, workshops, local psychology classics reading clubs or academic activities approved by the committee.

  3. Petition form:

    • Applicants must be full-time or part-time teachers in domestic colleges and universities.

    • You must first apply for financial subsidies from the relevant units. If you have not received the relevant subsidies or the amount of the subsidies is insufficient, you can apply.

  4. How to apply:

    • Applicants who intend to apply for a subsidy from this committee should prepare an electronic file of the "Application Form" and send it to the email address of the Taiwan Psychological Association at

    • Application documents should be submitted at least 3 months before the scheduled time of the event. If the information is incomplete, it must be supplemented one and a half months before the scheduled time of the event, otherwise it will not be accepted.

  5. Review process: After the committee receives the event application, it will be sent to the external review according to the importance of the topic, the rationality of the funding plan, and the applicant's research performance.

  6. For those who have passed the review, the subsidy principles are as follows (subsidy items):

    • The principle of subsidy is at most 2 to 3 pieces per year, and each piece is capped at 200,000 yuan.

    • The subsidy items include lecture fees, attendance fees, air tickets and domestic travel expenses for invited scholars; as well as printing fees, meals, venue fees and miscellaneous expenses required for the activities.

  7. After the official documents and approval list of those who have passed the review are confirmed and sent, they can only be changed once (including the event organizer, name, amount, date, etc.). Please send the change application form to Taiwan Psychology at the latest 14 working days before the event starts. The Society emails .

  8. Expenses subsidized with the approval of the committee should be completed by the applicant within one month after the end of the activity, in accordance with the Taiwan Psychological Association's write-off regulations.

  9. Academic activities subsidized by this committee should be marked as co-sponsored or co-organized by "Professor Yang Guoshu Fund Management Committee" in various printed materials, publications and publicity materials (including online publicity), and the event agenda should be set within one month after the conference. . The electronic file of relevant results shall be sent to the Committee for future reference.

  10. If there is any inaccuracy in the application materials, or if the applied academic activities violate this key point, the committee may not accept it or the funds will not be written off.

  11. After this point is approved by the committee, it will come into force on the date of publication.

Download the event application form

​Reading club application download

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